Serving the Residents of Louisiana and Beyond

The Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation sponsors programs designed to help meet vision and hearing related needs of people in our state and to assist others worldwide. However, our primary focus is on the eye and ear health of the people of Louisiana.

As a nonprofit, we depend on donations and various fundraising events, such as raffles and bingo games, to support our programs. We also host several charity events to create awareness, encourage participation and inspire continued donations.

Vision Clinics Program

The Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation’s Vision program provides eye exams and glasses for residents of Louisiana who are eligible for this care. To qualify a resident must be sponsored by a local Lions Club, be a resident of Louisiana and meet our program’s income requirements.

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Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation
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Our foundation provides FREE vision screenings for children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years. With early detection and early treatment, many vision problems can be corrected or even reversed with the help of a vision professional.

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The Lions of Louisiana have been recycling eyeglasses many, many years. Our program collects used eyeglasses and refurbish them so they can be used in underserved countries throughout the World. To donate your used eyeglasses, contact your local Lions club or look for one of our collection boxes at vision clinics throughout Louisiana.

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Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation works in partnership with local organizations in hopes of providing a "Better Quality of Life" for residents of Louisiana who are affected with Low Vision. We direct individuals to the appropriate sources for needed and proper care.

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The Lions of Louisiana provides vision screenings for adults of all ages. Some vision disorders like Glaucoma do not have any symptoms or warning signs. By screening for Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy we are able to save sight before it is too late.

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Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation was first established to prevent blindness by funding research and development. Our partnership with the LSU School of Ophthalmology has seen several breakthroughs which has changed the world in the field of vision care. For more information on past and present research, please feel free to visit.

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