Vision & Hearing Care in Louisiana

Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation is one of the leading volunteer organizations offering free vision and hearing care to qualifying people of Louisiana.

We host regular charity events and raffles to raise money to support our welfare activities. Thanks to the regular donations, we are able to continue our services.

Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation
Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation

Raffles by Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation

Raffles are a part of the Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation's fund-raising efforts. Every year we host two raffles to raise money for the foundation and awareness in our community. Our raffles are a very popular and successful way of attaining the amount of money needed for our vision programs.

Our Vision Programs for Children

Our CubSight program helps identify the eye health of school children through screening. Through promotions and various forms of communication, we strive to create awareness of proper eye health practices and steps that should be taken to avoid a life of poor vision.

Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation

Latest Past Events

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