What is CubSight?

LLEF CubSight

is a vision screening program designed to identify existing or potential vision disorders in children. Although CubSight will screen children up to the age of 18, the program is primarily designed to screen children between the ages of 1 and 6 and to inform the parent or guardian of their child’s results. Through early detection and early treatment, many vision problems can be corrected or even reversed with the help of an eye doctor. In some cases, blindness may be prevented.

CubSight 2

Our CubSight Vision Screening program

is conducted by volunteer Lions and offered 100% FREE to schools, daycare centers, churches and all residents of Louisiana. Children are individually screened by having them focus on a vision screening device from 3 feet away. This device takes a photo of your child’s eyes and is able to detect many different abnormalities.

Parents interested in having their child participate should contact the child’s school or daycare to inquire if a CubSight screening can be scheduled. For more information on scheduling, call the CubSight office at (504) 525-7235.

Inspirational Stories

Braelyn, Age 4

"She loves her glasses and wears them Faithfully."

Brenden, Age 2

"It was probably the factor that saved his life,"

Cayden, Age 4

"Wearing glasses has changed his view of things."

Emmitt and Evertt, Age 4

"Emmitt and Evertt's vision issues may have gone undiagnosed if it hadn't been for the screenings"

Jett, Screened October 2018

"Since Jett has been wearing his glasses, reading sight words and practicing letters is no longer a battle!"

Kaiden, Age 6

"They are hoping to get his vision to 20/20 with his glasses"

Kelsey, Screened September 2018

"She loves her glasses very much!"

Lainey, Screened March 2019

"Because of the program ... she is now headache free"

Lauryn, Screened February 2019

"One of Lauryn's favorite pastimes is reading and because of her new glasses"

Let your child or students color Cubby.

For printable Cubby coloring page, click here.