What is CubSight anyway?

LLEF CubSight is a vision screening program designed to identify existing or potential vision disorders primarily in children ages 1 to 6 years and to inform the parent accordingly.


With early detection and early treatment, many vision problems can be corrected or even reversed with the help of an eye doctor; in some cases, blindness may be prevented.


LLEF CubSight Vision Screening is a Volunteer Program offered 100% FREE to the  schools and residents of Louisiana and follows the protocol and procedures below:


Pre-screening procedures:

▪ Lion volunteers contact the school to schedule the screening.
▪ The CubSight parental consent forms are provided to the school in advance of the screening. Parent or guardian must fill out and sign the form giving consent for the Lions to perform the screening of their child. (For CubSight printable forms, policies & procedures: click here.)


Screening procedures:

▪ The school provides an appropriate room or area for the screening. The room must have lighting controls and very little sunlight exposure.
▪ School staff members bring the children in small groups and remain with the children before, during and after the screening process.
▪ CubSight uses state of the art vision screening equipment. The auto refractors are non-invasive, take the vision reading 3.3 feet distance from the child, and provide either a PASS or REFER result within seconds.
▪ Lion volunteers then record the screening results on the child’s signed form.


Post-screening procedures:

▪ For best results, the school should make a copy of each child’s signed form which now includes the results of the screening. The school will give the Lions the copied forms for CubSight office records, and then distribute the originals to the parents that day. This is to ensure the results are received without delay.
▪ Lion volunteers will send their copied results to the LLEF CubSight office for processing.
▪ LLEF CubSight staff will review all children’s results and enter the screening information into the database.
▪ Referral packets are then prepared for every child that did NOT pass the screening. The referral packets include the child’s results, a letter to the  parent/guardian explaining the reason for referral, a doctor’s evaluation form and a list of area vision care specialists.
▪ The packets are then sent to the school. The school is responsible for distributing these referral packets to the parents/guardians promptly.
▪ In a timely manner, LLEF CubSight staff will follow-up with the families of the children referred to ensure that the referral packet was received and understood and to encourage a complete exam by a vision professional.


For some of our success stories,

click here.

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