Can you tell me if I am going Blind?

By taking a photo of the child’s eyes with a special camera we can determine if the child has amblyopia, commonly referred to as Lazy Eye, or any other eye diseases. By monitoring how the child’s eyes react to light, we are able to prevent blindness in these children with early detection and appropriate care.

The Louisiana Lions have screened over two hundred thousand (200,000) children since the inception of the program. The Louisiana Lions Cubsight Program is sponsored by the Lions Clubs International Foundation, Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation, Louisiana State University Health Science Center, Louisiana Office of Public Health, local Lions Clubs of Louisiana and your generous donations.

We finished the 2012-2013 school year with slightly over 26,000 children screened statewide! With a referral rate of just over 6%, Dayna, our new follow-up coordinator, has had her hands full contacting the families of children referred. Her diligence in working with the families and with the doctors’ offices to get the kids seen and the information back is paying off. So many children continue to be identified with serious vision problems by the Lions, and so many of them were unknown to the parents and their teachers. The Cubsight Program continues to fight for sight every day, and each child identified by the Lions will be a child who has hope for better sight and a better tomorrow! Keep up the work my fellow Lions! I know you are scheduling your screening sites now. Our Fiscal year, which began in July, has been slow so I am asking all of you to commit to screening more children than last year. Help set another record year of saving sight and help prevent children in your community from suffering needlessly in darkness!


Even though we feel that the CubSight Program is a successful program and we have identified hundreds of children with eye diseases, we still need your help. Even with volunteers from more than 100 clubs, that have been trained to utilize the Welch Allyn SureSight Vision Screener, there are many children we have not seen yet. We are in need of additional screening equipment, so we can have additional Lion members screening your children all over the state. To contribute to this program please contact us or refer to the Contribute page on this site.

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