Children Vision Screening CubSight Program

What is CubSight anyway?

LLEF CubSight is a vision screening program designed to identify existing or potential vision disorders primarily in children ages 1 to 6 years and to inform the parent accordingly.

With early detection and early treatment, many vision problems can be corrected or even reversed with the help of an eye doctor; in some cases, blindness may be prevented.

LLEF CubSight Vision Screening is a Volunteer Program of the Lions offered 100% FREE to the schools and residents of Louisiana. Children are individually screened by having them focus on a vision screening device, similar in look and operation to a camera. The device is non-invasive and is operated 3.3 feet distance from the child.

Parents interested in having their child participate should contact the child’s school or daycare to inquire if a CubSight screening can be scheduled.

For more information on scheduling, call the CubSight office at 504-525-7235.

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