WHAT IS CubSight?

CubSight is a Vision Screening Program developed by the Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation. It is a preventative program using a specialized camera to identify vision impairment in young children.

Most people do not know that if detected by age 6, many vision problems can be corrected or even reversed with the help of an eye doctor and appropriate follow up care.


Louisiana Lions Clubs conduct CubSight screenings at area schools and community events throughout the state. Since it’s inception in 2001, CubSight and the Louisiana Lions have visited 8,850 sites and screened 352,578 children. CubSight is sponsored by the Lions Clubs International Foundation, LSU Health Science Center, Louisiana Office of Public Health and the generous donations of Lions Clubs of LA.


The CubSight state-of-the-art camera monitors how a child’s eyes react to light, identifying conditions that may not be recognized in a routine pediatric eye exam.

These pictures are of Brenden Maestri, our most remarkable screening to date. At 18 months old, Brenden was screened by the Airline Lions Club at Alpha Montessori School in Metairie. The camera detected a vision problem in Brenden’s left eye. After we referred him to a specialist, it was discovered that Brenden had retinoblastoma (cancerous tumor on optic nerve), which if left undiagnosed and untreated, could have been fatal. Over the years, Brenden and his family have become a huge inspiration and motivation for the Cubsight program. The last picture is Brenden today. He is now 13 and a staunch advocate for CubSight! He and his family recognize that if not for the Louisiana Lions, Brenden may not enjoy the quality of life he knows today.


2017-2018 was a record-breaking year for Cubsight! Our Lions Clubs screened over 32,000 children via 729 sites statewide, with 13% of the children referred for further evaluation by an eye specialist. Pictured here is Suelle Robinson, a 3 year old screened by our North Shreveport Lions in April 2018. Suelle is so happy and LOVES her new specs!

Her mother, Tara Jefferson-Robinson wrote a testimonial stating that without CubSight, they would have never known Suelle was having challenges with her vision and is forever thankful to the Lions CubSight for helping Suelle see world differently!

If you want to join our crusade and be a part of LLEF CubSight, please contact Walter Peat, at the
CubSight office at 504-525-7235 for training information.
Every site visited and every child screened makes a difference!

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