Testimonials Through the Years…

Brenden: Age: 2

I am begging you as a mother, please sign the
permission slip. Again, this eye screening is NOT designed
to pick-up Retinoblastoma, but you never know.




Aaron: Age 3

Because of your willingness to give your time,
Aaron’s life has been touched and changed for the better. It is our hope that
you will continue this program and help all the other “Aarons” out there. Thank
you for all you have done.

Jordan: Age 4

Had it not been for
your program, Jordan’s world would still be a complete blur. Your testing gave
him the wonderful gift of sight which we didn’t even know he had done without
for so long. These are the formative years of Jordan’s education and very
important to his continued progress in school. We just received Jordan’s
progress report and it says, “WOW, what a difference his glasses have made.
Jordan now recognizes all but three of his alphabets”.

Cosmo: Age 4

Thank you for all that you all do-it has saved my son’s vision and helped him see and appreciate the world around him and will hopefully help more children as we both work to promote better early vision screening!

Keep up the great work!

Karen M Foti, MD

Seth: Age 3

Once again I would like to thank you and the Lions’ club for such a wonderful program.
Without you, Seth could have been permanently blind.  As our daughter grows, we
now know what tests are needed to ensure that we detect this problem at an early age.

KaeleighKaeleigh, Age 3

…”The craziest thing to me was that all the signs were there. Kaeleigh would ALWAYS look at people chin down and eyes and eyebrows raised. Everyone thought she was just being bashful. I never knew that was a sign of her not being able to see up close.

We left the doctor’s office right away to get her “prescription” filled. We waited for a little while and the lady came out with these cute little glasses. My Kaeleigh put them on and it was like seeing a whole NEW world. She spoke of how clearer she saw things. She even looked at me and said, “Mommy you’re so pretty”. I, again, busted out into tears. We walked outside and she described how vibrant the colors of the fall leaves were on the ground, and everything around her. My concern “getting” glasses was that she would never want to wear them. Well, I was wrong AGAIN. My baby girl never wants to take them off!…


“So, thank you Lion’s Club for saving my daughter’s vision. Your organization speaks volumes to mothers like me.”

Allison Rice 001Allison, Age 3

…”Because of all you do, we were able to get back so much of her vision that would have been lost forever. What you do is so appreciated by our family and I continue to tell everyone who asks about her glasses, what you do and have given us.
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you for all you do!
The Rice Family


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