Kaeleigh 2013


I would like to thank the Lion’s Club for advocating for children’s vision. It was late one afternoon as I was going through my two-year old daughter’s daycare papers when I saw that the Lion’s Club sent “the parents of Kaeleigh………..” a notice that she would need her eyes further examined because she failed the test that was given by them at daycare. I thought to myself, “that’s not good” and simply told my husband and he replied, “She DOES NOT need her eyes checked – she was probably just being stubborn and not cooperating”. So, I agreed with his statement and threw the notice in the trash can and didn’t think anything more of it.

A year in a few months passed by and I enrolled her in a 3yr old school program. It was one afternoon in October she came home with a folder full of papers. One of those papers was ANOTHER notice from the Lion’s Club that stated Kaeleigh needed to get her eyes further checked because she failed their eye exam. I pondered and thought, “There was no way I am ignoring this again”. So without asking my husband’s opinion I immediately called and set up an appointment to bring her to see the Optometrist. I told them the urgency and was able to see them that very next day. They took a quick picture of her eyes and had us sit in a room for a while. When the doctor finally came in she assured me that Kaeleigh needed a “big prescription”. I stood up, grabbed my purse and said okay no problem I will fill it at Walgreens so she can start taking her medicine immediately. She looked at me as if I was confused and gave the same look back. She then said, “Oh no, what that means is she is a plus 6 and will have to have glasses”. I began to cry. I had no clue what a plus 6 meant then, but I felt I failed as a mother. How could I have ignored the FIRST NOTICE over a year ago and listened to “a man”, my husband! I was beating myself up inside. The doctor explained to me that if I didn’t get her eyes checked at the time I did-her eyes would have turned inward.

The craziest thing to me was that all the signs were there. Kaeleigh would ALWAYS look at people chin down and eyes and eyebrows raised. Everyone thought she was just being bashful. I never knew that was a sign of her not being able to see up close.

We left the doctor’s office right away to get her “prescription” filled. We waited for a little while and the lady came out with these cute little glasses. My Kaeleigh put them on and it was like seeing a whole NEW world. She spoke of how clearer she saw things. She even looked at me and said, “Mommy you’re so pretty”. I, again, busted out into tears. We walked outside and she described how vibrant the colors of the fall leaves were on the ground, and everything around her. My concern “getting” glasses was that she would never want to wear them. Well, I was wrong AGAIN. My baby girl never wants to take them off!

So, thank you Lion’s Club for saving my daughter’s vision. Your organization speaks volumes to mothers like me.


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