Glaucoma Screenings 2012

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Our final year to take advantage of the Glaucoma Screening Vans, with the assistance of the “Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundation”, was ended in April of 2012. During that twelve week screening program, 52 individual Lions Clubs, worked with 56 doctors, and screened 1,570 individuals. This was a 35% increase over the number of people screened last year.

Of these people receiving the examinations, 44% required care. Of that 44%, 18% were identified to have Glaucoma. Lions throughout our state have been able to screen hundreds of people for signs of Glaucoma over the years. Our Foundation was proud to participate with this program to make it a success not only in our state, but across the entire nation.

Sadly, This program was defunded by cuts made to support the Affordable Care Act. The company which provided the Glaucoma Vans is now closed and the vans are setting idle. Please contact your congressional representative to express your thoughts concerning the benefits and need for this program to continue.



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