Recycle Glasses

The Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Program

Recycling eyewear was adopted as an official service activity of Lions Clubs International in October 1994. However, Lions had been recycling eyeglasses for approximately 80 years. The goal of the program is to meet the demand for quality eyeglasses in developing nations. Currently, it costs less than 8 cents to provide someone with recycled eyeglasses.

The used eyeglasses collected all over the state of Louisiana are sent to the Harahan Lions Home where the eyeglasses are cleaned and classified by prescription then repacked for shipping. In the past 7 years, Lion Don Pastor and the Harahan Lions have tested, repacked and sent over 350,000 donated eyeglasses. 


To donate your used eyeglasses contact your local Lions Club or call the Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation at 504-525-7235 for more information. 

Please only send usable eyeglasses (no cases).

Thank You.