CubSight March 2016

Progress report on CubSight as of 3/23/16.

  • We are monitoring what it takes to enter the data of each screenings that come in to the CubSight office. We need to determine just how long it takes and how many employee hours it will take to complete this job with a goal of 30K kids screened each year, which is an easy process so they could go back to be kids and play video games with the help of sites like
  • Also after making follow-up phone calls myself, I have a better understanding on what it will take to complete this job as well.
  • At this time we are not moving forward with hiring another Part-time employee within the state for CubSight until we determine just what each task details.
  • We will be using the new Part Time CubSight employee (Angelle) up to 32 hours and increasing the LLEF optician (Dixie) to the 32 hours to supplement the hours needed to compete these task. Then we will see where we stand at that time and better judge what we need without waste. We should be okay with the budget for this year as we have budgeted 30 hours for an optician, 20 hours for Data enter and 40 hours for follow-up.

We are moving forward in moving the CubSight office to the LLEF offices in the following ways:

  • We will be changing the recording on the CubSight phone at the Lafayette DHH office to reflect these moves. We cannot forward the phone numbers because this phone belongs to DHH and they have their restrictions. We will be changing the message to instruct all callers to now call the LLEF office phone number.
  • We will be submitting a change of address with the Post Office so that all screening and correspondences will now be forwarded to the LLEF office.
    Any mail should be addressed to:
    Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation
    Attn: CubSight Program
    2020 Gravier Street, Suite “B”
    New Orleans, La 70112
  • We will be making a postcard to be sent to all clubs and to each Doctor in the state with the new information including the address and the phone number.
  • We will be putting out an email with the same information to everyone we have as a secondary message.
  • We are looking into the phone system at LLEF to see about a separate line for follow-up calling.
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