11-12 August 2012

Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation Quarterly Meeting



1                                                                                               2020 Gravier St

2                                                                           EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING

3                                                                                              August 11, 2012


5        CALL TO ORDER:  Bill Heyerdale, IPP

6        INVOCATION:

7        PLEDGE:


9        OPENING REMARKS: Bill Heyerdale



12        See Activity Report. 405 Eyeglass referrals, 366 glasses produced and no hearing aids for the quarter.

13        [Email tentative board meeting minutes to board members?]



16                        Chris conducted employee evaluations with no adverse comments to report.  Donna left

17                        as of 29 June.  Donna Bell is applying for unemployment benefits. He interviewed for an

18                        optician, hired one who lasted for 5 weeks, and was terminated.   So, still looking for an

19                        optician.


21                         We have tried to bring all the employees pay up or down to fit they job responsibilities.

22                        We have moved the Office manager position and the Optician position down in pay and

23                        raised both the Cubsight assistants and the Patient coordinator. Debbie Holcomb is making

24                        $10,000 less than Nancy Gould was making upon her termination.  (Matter referred to Personnel

25                        and Properties committee).


26                        At some point after Katrina, LSU changed guidelines regarding co-pay and did not inform us.

27                        Now LSU patients must show proof of income and proof of insurance prior to setting the

28                        appointment.  Scanned documents are to be submitted with the referral to Pat Bayard. We have

29                        not completed the talks with LSU to see how they will want us to fill out the applications

30                        and if we will need to include proof of income yet. At this time we are still working with

31                        them, but if we get what we are asking for which is for LSU to see all our New Orleans

32                        patients at one location and for LSU to waive all co-pays then they may require us to get

33                        proof of income. We will see.


34                        The Grant for the Friends of Glaucoma Foundation was not renewed, thus the Glaucoma

35                        van will no longer be available.








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Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation Quarterly Meeting




2                        25200 screenings for fiscal year which is down from the previous year.   At the meeting of

3                        National Association of Vision Professionals (NAVP)  performing Kid Sight, we discovered that

4                        our referral rate was about the same as everyone else.   Referral rate is slightly under 5% on

5                        photo screener and 6% on the Welch Allen.   Nearly 1700 referrals from the screenings.  80% of

6                        those referred had a definite eye problem, and 90% of those were prescribed with glasses.  350

7                        doctors statewide were contacted to let them know about the Cub Sight program.  Bessie has

8                        updated the database for Cub Sight.    We have a referral rate of 6% of all screenings.   Jeff is

9                        looking at new machine that is as good as the Welch Allen.  HeadStart screenings to soon begin

10                        to pick up beginning in Natchitoches.



13        PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   None

14        OLD BUSINESS:

15        Cesar Fonseca moved that foundation put back into the Quarterly Report the Accounts Receivable Aging

16        Report.  Sharon Williams seconded.  Motion carried with 2 dissenting votes: Cathy Comeaux and

17        Michelle Waskom.


19        NEW BUSINESS:

20                        1.     Enforcing a previously ignored rule that Non-voting members cannot make a motion in the

21                                General Meeting.  Also, votes will be taken from voting members with wands.

22                        2.   Jim Caruso moved that all PAST resolutions will be legal and binding.  (This fixes all in the

23                                past and from now on we should only take motions from voting members.)  Second: Cathy

24                                Comeaux. Motion Carried.

25                        3.   LSU contract: Much discussion as to what foundation should do to reduce what we pay LSU.

26                                Chris has explained to LSU our situation in that we are underfunded to continue the

27                                $200,000 annual payment.  After much discussion, it was decided not to reduce budget to

28                                reflect prior years giving so as to not adversely affect club contributions.    Motion made

29                                instructing Chris to discuss with LSU to amend contract to pay $100,000 and not include an

30                                IOU for difference, until the 2015 contract renewal. Second by Sharon Williams. 5 for, 2

31                                against and 1 abstention.  Matter was referred to Finance Committee.

32                        4.      Jeff’s conference in Missouri on Vision to be reimbursed for this trip $637.50 airfare and

33                                hotel.  Motion to pay reimbursement by Jim Caruso, second Cathy Comeaux. Motion

34                                Carried Unanimously.

35                        5.   Chris Carlone is to attend the USA-Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Tampa. FL.  Motion to

36                                pay Twiddy obx rentals travel expenses out of normal travel expense budget by Sharon Williams, second by Jim

37                                Caruso. Motion Carried Unanimously.


39        ADJOURN at 11:30 AM





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Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation Quarterly Meeting



1        ATTENDING:

2        IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: Bill Heyerdale

3        PRESIDENT Fred Lantz, PDG                           Michael Kennedy, PCC/PP      Bob Fitzgerald, DG

4        VICE PRESIDENT Sharon Williams                  Ed Frost PDG                           Bob Williams, PCC/PP

5        SECRETARY Hilda Frost                                   Jeff Robinson, DG                 Cesar Fonseca, PDG/PP

6        TREASURER Michelle Waskom                       Chris Carlone, Exec Director

7        Debbie Holcomb, Staff                                    Jim Caruso, PDG/PP                Cathy Comeaux, PCC

8        Sissy Lantz                                                       Vikki Fonseca

9        Jay Archambault                                             Angela Plaisance, PDG

10        Wade Plaisance                                              Ruthie Lake

11        Darlene Bergeron                                           Donald Bergeron

12        Lambert Ratard, DG                                        Francoise Ratard, PCC         Maranda Trahan, 2VDG

13        Richard Grams                                                Bob Hollingsworth, PDG












































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Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation Quarterly Meeting



1                                                                                               2020 Gravier St

2                                                                                              New Orleans, LA

3                                                                                               11 August 2012

4        CALL TO ORDER:  Fred Lantz, PDG President

5        INVOCATION:  Barbara Blanchard, PDG

6        PLEDGE:   Jeff Robinson, DG


8        OPENING REMARKS: Fred Lantz, PDG President



11        Dr Jean Jacobs, Director of Research, spoke on the three main functions of the LSU eye center Research,

12        Teaching, and Patient Care, specifically, Research.   Eight percent of current research grants get funded

13        in today’s economic environment.    Lions fund Administrative portions of Grants such as surplus

14        transportation costs.  She discussed a brief history of ongoing research projects at the LSU Eye Center

15        and introduced the Research Personnel associated with each project.


17        Dr Donald Bergsma spoke on Patient Care.  Lions Patients help residency doctor training program by

18        presenting case studies.  Lions program is the link to starter support for other grant programs.  In the

19        early years, individual doctors, labs, and clinics billed LIONS clubs individually.   The LLEF program

20        streamlined this process for a simple billing system.  Lions streamlined the transportation problem for

21        indigent patients.


23        Dr Brendon Sumich Chief Resident, spoke on the Residency Training Program.

24                ·    MCLNO

25                ·    Ochsner

26                ·    Children’s

27                ·    VA Medical Center

28        EKL BR

29        Chabert, Houma

30        University Med Center Lafayette

31        Lallie Kemp, Independence, LA /Bogalusa Med center


33        8 year residency program.   Each resident moves thru the rotation stations, as well


35        ROLL CALL: Secretary, Hilda Frost

36                        A roll call of Officers, Trustees, Voting Members and Advisors was called.  The number present

37                        exceeded the quorum requirement.   Roll Call Attached


39                        8L:   Richard Mosher, DG

40                        8I:   James Ballard, DG

41                        😯   Jeff Robinson, DG



Page 4




1                        8N:  Lambert Ratard, DG

2                        8S:   Cherie Foret, DG


4        TREASURER’S REPORT:  Michele Waskom

5        The treasurer presented the salient points of the Quarterly Treasury Report included in the

6        member packet.  Members are to review the report and present inquiries at the next day’s

7        meeting.

8                        ACCEPTANCE OF DONATIONS:

9                        $ 2000 East Beauregard

10                        $1400 Natchitoches

11                        $ 3000 Metairie

12                        $10000 LEI

13                        $500 SE BR

14                        $500 Rev Gary Van Horne

15                        $250 Abbeville

16                        $250 Kaplan

17                        $300 T’Calliou

18                        $18200 TOTAL


20        EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Bill Heyerdale, IPP

21        Refer to Executive Director’s Report

22        405 Eye Referrals

23        366 pair of glasses

24        No Hearing aides


26        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Chris Carlone

27                        Quarterly Report shows activities.



30        25,200 screened, 1700 referred, 90% referred needed vision care.  Opportunity to see a doctor

31        to get vision problems corrected.  350 doctors contacted this summer to update contact

32        information.  Few more Welch Allen instruments to be purchased.  Just returned from

33        conference, saw issues of hiring non technical administrative personnel.  Hence this association

34        to train these administrators.

35        Refer to Quarterly Report for Cub Sight activities.










1                                                                        Four Points Sheraton French Quarter

2                                                                                               New Orleans, LA

3                                                                                              August 12, 2012


5        CALL TO ORDER:  Sharon Williams, President

6        INVOCATION:   Rev Gary Van Horn

7        PLEDGE:   Ed Frost, PDG


9        OPENING REMARKS: Sharon Williams, President

10                        The President thanked all for opportunity to serve as president.


12        ROLL CALL: Secretary, Michele Waskom

13                        The roll of Officers, Trustees, Voting members and Advisors was called.  The number present

14                        exceeded the quorum requirement.   Roll call attached.


16                        8L:  Dick Mosher, DG

17                        8I:  James Ballard, DG

18                        8O: Jeff Robinson, DG

19                        8N: Lambert Ratard, DG

20                        8S:  Cherie Foret, DG

21        ACCEPTANCE OF LAST MEETING MINUTES:  Secretary, Michele Waskom

22                                        The Secretary announced that the minutes of the previous quarterly meeting

23                                        held in Ramada Inn, May 20, 2012 had been distributed yesterday for review and

24                                        asked for:

25                        Corrections:  None

26                        Additions:        None

27                        Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to consent to the minutes of

28                        the regular quarterly meeting of the Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation held May 20, 2012

29                        at the Ramada Inn, New Iberia, LA as attached, and to accept the resolutions passed

30                        and decisions made at such meeting as valid and binding acts of the Foundation:

31                        Motion:             Cesar Fonseca

32                        Second:             Rev Gary Van Horn                     Motion Carried, Unanimous




36                        Upon Motion duly made          Bob Williams and seconded Bill Heyerdale, after oral report

37                        from the Treasurer and board discussion, it was unanimously resolved to accept as

38                        printed the quarterly report attached herewith.





1        ACCEPTANCE OF DONATIONS:  Iota-Egan $750


3        Everything running fine.  We need money.   We hired an optician who did not work out and she

4        was terminated during the probationary period.               We are shopping for new computers for our video games and ovewatch news.

5        Phone systems have been down for past week and continue to be down.







11        Mr. President, Executive Officers, Trustees, Advisors, and Administrative Staff:  Your committee submits

12        the following matters for consideration by the Board:


14        Minutes of Meeting:

15        See Executive Committee Minutes.



18        Mr. President, Executive Officers, Trustees, Advisors, and Administrative Staff:  Your committee submits

19        the following matters for consideration by the Board:


21        Minutes of Meeting:

22          It was an outstanding meeting at the LLEF Building on 2020 Gravier Street, to the credit of the

23        organization of our great staff and the LSU faculty.


24        Budget committee presents the proposed budget as included in the trustee packet.   Items of note are

25        the expected donations from Clubs… it must not falter.   We hope to make $120000 for the Super Bowl

26        Raffle.   And we have not included any salary increases for our staff for the last two years.  The budget

27        process is a fluid process that is looked at every quarter


28        General discussion concerning the budget to be considered for adoption.  Motion to recommend the

29        board that the 2012-2013 proposed budget, be adopted by Lion Bill Heyerdale.  Second by Lion Ed Frost.

30        Motion Carried.


31        Discussion regarding the need to adhere to the proposed budget so as to avoid an unbalanced budget

32        thus a shortfall.


33        8-S Charities to provide funds for the purchase of an additional computer.


34        Covered discussion regarding the possibility of a Cost of living  raise for employees.   Due to funding, it

35        was deferred.





1        ACTION ITEM:


2                Upon motion duly made by Jim Caruso and second by Rev Gary Van Horn to approve the proposed

3                budget for this 2012-2013 fiscal year as presented.

4                Motion Carried.

5        Attendance:

6        Bob Williams, PCC                                                                  Vicki Fonseca          8S

7        Ed Frost, PDG 8I                                                                      Hilda Frost 8I

8        Laurie Guillory 😯 2VDG.                                                       Bill Heyerdale 8N

9        Francoise Ratard PCC 8N                                                        Michele Waskom, 8L

10        Joe Deibel 8S

11        Stanley Braud 8N



14                        Mr. President, Executive Officers, Trustees, Advisors, and Administrative Staff:  Your committee

15                        submits the following matters for consideration by the Board:


17        Minutes of Meeting:


19                1.      Moon Griffon, radio personality, worked on purchasing ticket in conjunction with Duck

20                        Commandeer.   Agreed to have air time for our sales.  Monday thru Friday state wide 9-11.

21                2.    Duck commander win a duck hunting trip.

22                3.    Discussed need to get someone (Pinky?) to talk to people in Hammond about being one of the

23                        prizes for the Sugar Bowl.  Also investigate getting one of them to offer a free ride.

24                4.    Discussed concept of Bike Rides following Lions on the Trace.

25                5.    Discussed a Calendar and charge for placing names and clubs on calendar.

26                6.    Discussed cookbooks – Hazel Martin is resource

27                7.    Jim Ballard introduced concept of Clay shoot in conjunction with Bill Weatherford for 4 H

28                        shooting program netted in Natchitoches $7000.  Proposed to do statewide clay shoot one in

29                        each district.  West Monroe, Natchitoches.  Jennings, are proposed locations.  Locations in N & S

30                        are to be determined.  Sponsors will have to be approached.  Fund raising and publicity

31                        opportunity.

32                8.    Discussed pushing concept of LIONS auto license plate for LIONS.


34        ACTIONITEM:

35                NONE

36        Attending:

37        Angela Plaisance, PDG 8S                      James Ballard, DG 8I              Cathy Comeaux, CC 😯

38        Ruthie Lake 8N                                       Harvey Pinky Willie 8N

39        Jeff Williams, 8S                                    Maranda Trahan 2VDG 8S



42        Submitted Bob Fitzgerald, IPDG 8I






3        Mr. President, Executive Officers, Trustees, Advisors, and Administrative Staff:  Your committee submits

4        the following matters for consideration by the Board:


6        Minutes of Meeting:


8        Had discussion with Executive Director about the lack of information to be put on website.  The

9        Executive Director said he would make it a priority this year.  We discussed the linkage of the website

10        for raffle to international web site and the importance of current and accurate data so that users could

11        benefit from it.  Also, so that DG’s and VDG’s would have a source for their use when visiting clubs.

12        Discussed with the Executive Director or his staff providing meeting information to the web designer so

13        that membership would have meeting agenda and reports before attending the meeting.   Talked about

14        the importance of club visitation by DG’s and VDGs including talking points about LLEF and its need for

15        club donations.


17        Respectfully Submitted, Scott Harkey 1VDG 8L

18        Attendees

19        Lenis Hebert            8S                                            Elaine Hebert 8S                                     Mario Zeron, 1VDG 8S

20        Sandra Zeron 8S


22        ACTIONITEMS:

23        NONE



26        Mr. President, Executive Officers, Trustees, Advisors, and Administrative Staff:  Your committee submits

27        the following matters for consideration by the Board:


29        Minutes of Meeting:

30        The committee spoke about the Glaucoma Program. Lion Cesar told the committee that the

31        funding for the program was terminated by Congress and that our Executive Director Lions Chris

32        is looking at possibilities of getting  something to do Glaucoma Screening in the State.


34        I told the committee that Donna Bell quit the Foundation on June 29 and that a replacement

35        was hired but she did not work out and was terminated. Lion Chris was able to get an optical

36        office in Slidell and another in Bogalusa to take care of our glasses from those two clinics. The

37        Foundation has an ad to hire an optician/assistant office employee to take Donna’s job.


39        Lion Cesar gave the committee an overview of the instructions that the Executive Committee

40        gave Lion Chris pertaining to possible negotiation with LSU. We are hoping to reduce what we

41        pay LSU to $100,000 per year. Lion Chris and someone from the Executive Committee will meet

42        with LSU as soon as possible.





1        The committee reviewed the eye referrals for the last quarter and we all hope that Lions

2        throughout our State can submit more patients in the coming year.


4        Lion Cesar reminded members of the committee that Lion Chris is still looking for doctor to help

5        the Lions with the hearing program.


7        Respectfully submitted,


9        Lion Cesar Fonseca PDG & Committee Chairman


11        Attendance:

12        Chuck Tosten  8-I                       Gary Van Horn 8-I            Sissy Lantz 😯

13        William Arceneaux 😯               Jerry Dupre 8 S              Joyce Dure 8-S

14        Jay Archambault 8-S                   Cesar Fonseca  8-S


16        ACTION ITEMS: None.







23        Mr. President, Executive Officers, Trustees, Advisors, and Administrative Staff:  Your committee submits

24        the following matters for consideration by the Board:


26        Minutes of Meeting:

27        The Glaucoma van with Friends of Glaucoma Congress is no longer available due to grant non

28        renewal.      Discussed what is the cost of the Glaucoma van.   We would like to look into the

29        possibility of getting grants to purchase it if possible.   CubSight is looking at new eye screening

30        equipment opportunities.  Of these we identified with problems 80% were confirmed during

31        follow-up.  Lion DG Jeff is asking for clubs to please print the CubSight forms as 2 separate

32        pages, not from here.  Plan is to start emailing clubs when possible.   Also looking into the

33        possibility of returning results back to school as a roster with just pass/fail listed.

34        We would like to ask the fundraising committee to look at new ideas for fundraising.  Lion DG

35        Jeff Robinson would like to print brochures to send out the MDs we are using to possibly get

36        donations from them.  Also, discussed the possibility of doing an antique auction and a skeet

37        shooting contest.


39        ACTION ITEMS:

40        NONE





2        Attendees:

3        Cherie Foret, 1VDG Co-Chair                  Jeff Robinson, DG                   Bill Neal 8S

4        Jackie Olivier                                           Dot Rogers 8S                         Norma Theall 😯

5        Sally Comeaux 8S                                   Elain Scott 8S                          Terry Copell 8S

6        Marsha Naquin 8S                                  Sidney Quick 8S                      Dianne Quick 8S

7        Belinda Arceneaux 😯                            Sheree Robinson 😯               Henry Archembault 8S

8        Lambert Ratard 8N DG                           Phil Alexander, PDG                Vickie Alexander, 8N

9        Ricardo Rodriquez 8N                             Olga Rodriquez 8N                 Wayne Aymond 1VDG 8N

10        Phyllis Aymond 8N                                  Barbara Blanchard PDG 8N Earl Pelligrin Jr PDG 8S

11        Lana Pelligrin 8S                                     Susan Ballard 8I






17        Mr. President, Executive Officers, Trustees, Advisors, and Administrative Staff:  Your committee submits

18        the following matters for consideration by the Board:


20        Minutes of Meeting:


22        A draft of revisions for the Employee Handbook was reviewed including recent proposed

23        changes of employee grievance procedures, medical leave, and travel expense

24        reimbursements.  Committee proposed to have the revised draft to forward to the Personnel

25        and Properties Committee by the next meeting.


27         The By-Laws should reflect the actual operations of the Foundation.   The By-Laws currently

28        require a face to face meeting of committees in order to conduct business.   For some years

29        now, many committees have conducted business via the internet.   Thus, we propose to submit

30        by-laws changes to allow committee business to be conducted via internet and provide

31        documentation procedures for such meetings.


33        Committee members were alerted to search for potential candidates for next year’s Treasurer,

34        which should preferably come from sub district O following standard rotation.


36        ACTION ITEMS:

37        As an action item, the Article XII for By-Laws:  MEMBER, TRUSTEE, and And OFFICER LIABILITY”.

38        Was previously submitted at the May 19, 2012 meeting.  The Committee moves that this Article

39        XII for By-Laws:  MEMBER, TRUSTEE, And OFFICER LIABILITY be adopted at this August 2012

40        meeting.

41        Motion Carried Unanimously





1        Ballots were taken for Executive Committee At-Large Member Nominees:

2        The top 3,  Michael Kennedy, Earl Pelligrin, Angela Plaisance were declared as elected and

3        results announced.


5        Attendees:

6        Michael Kennedy, PCC/PP 8-I                       Co Chair                    Bruce Simpson, PP 8N                Co Chair

7        Elliott Bauman, CC                       8S                                           Evelyn Kirk, PDG               8N

8        Dick Mosher, DG                          8L                                           Zeke Dunaway, PDG/PP                     8N

9        Fred Lantz, PDG/PP


11        OLD BUSINESS

12        NONE

13        NEW BUSINESS

14        NONE


16        November 10-11           Opelousas @ Comfort Inn hotel, Porte Barrie hosting & $85 per night

17        February 16-17             West Monroe

18        May 18-19                     Hammond


20        BENEDICTION:   Jim Caruso

21        There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned at

22        9:55 AM.


24        Michele Waskom, Secretary



27        Attachments:

28                1.   A/R Aging Report

29                2.   20122013 Budget